Eagle Rock Loop Trail

Albert Pike Recreation Area, Hwy. 84 at Langley onto Hwy. 369 for 6 mi

This trail offers the longest loop hike in the state. The entire loop is actually a combination of parts of three other trails: the Little Missouri, Athens-Big Fork and the Viles Branch Equestrian Trails (this combination actually provides five trailhead parking areas along the route). The Eagle Rock loop offers hikers a wide variety of resources from the crystal clear waters of the Little Missouri River and Viles Branch Creek to the wide-ranging vistas of the mountaintops along the Athens-Big Fork Trail. The route involves a number of stream crossings both on the Little Missouri and the Viles Branch. It also involves a number of steep hill climbs along the Athens-Big Fork Trail. Refer to descriptions of the Little Missouri and Athens-Big Fork Trails for additional information.