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Eisenhower Park

19399 NW Military Hwy

The difficult parts of this hike are actually all on the Hillview trail leading you to the Red Oak trail. You will have a steep climg as well as a few llong steps down off large rocks. One thing I noticed about this park is there are usually little chance of having a serene quit hike. There are many other hikers and joggers that come out here. Airplanes fly overhand on landing approaches and there is a military training base nearby that is often shooting on the firing range. In spite of all this I was pleasantly surprised when I got on the Red Oak trail. I immediately noticed that it was much less traveled and seemed quiter. The first half of this trail is under a canopy of trees and along a creek bed. I noticed much more wildlife sign then at any other place in the park. Unfortuantely it is a short trail which leads back to the Hillview Trail. Once back on Hillview you can turn left and comeback the way you came or look at your map and pick a different route.


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