Glen Oak Park

2218 N Prospect Rd

Glen Oak Park was designed by the legendary Landscape Architect Oscar F. DuBuis and dedicated in 1896. Glen Oak Park is the former home of the District's Administrative and Recreation Offices. In February of 2014, these offices moved to the Noble Center in Lakeview Park to make way for remodel and construction of the Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum which opened in June of 2015. The addition of the Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum to Peoria Zoo, Luthy Botanical Garden, and Peoria Rotary Adventure Grove has made for an awesome Daylong Destination in Glen Oak Park. Bring your family to Glen Oak Park for a fun-filled day. There is so much more happening at Glen Oak Park, including:


Luthy Botanical Garden
Peoria Playhouse Children'S Museum
Peoria Zoo
Pets Welcome
Picnic Table(S)
Public Restroom(S)
Tennis Court(S)
Trails / Hiking