Middlesex Fells Reservation

Middle Reservoir Rd

The Middlesex Fells Reservation's 2,575 acres offer a welcome retreat for city dwellers and a suitable terrain for hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, rock climbers, cross-country skiers and picnickers as well as natural and cultural history buffs. "Fells" is the Saxon word for rocky, hilly tracts of land - an apt name for this scenic area which is rich in local history. This picturesque area was once favored for timber, granite quarrying, ice industry, and water power for the many mills including one that manufactured some of the first vulcanized rubber products. The area was first explored by Governor Winthrop and his men in the winter of 1632: " ...they came to a very great pond, having in the midst an island of about one acre and very thick with trees of pine and beech and the pond had divers small rocks standing up here and there in it, which therefore called Spot Pond." (quote from Gov. Winthrop's private papers) The Botume House at 4 Woodland Road, Stoneham is the Middlesex Fells Headquarters and will soon house the Middlesex Fells Visitor Center.


Hiking & walking
With over 100 miles of mixed-use trails, there is plenty to see and explore for all difficulty levels.

Rent a kayak or canoe and explore Spot Pond, right in the heart of Middlesex Fells.

Mountain biking
Take in the scenery on the Mountain Bike Loop around the Western Fells. If you’re looking for a challenging trail, check out the Reservoir Trail.

Off-leash area
Let your four-legged friend play freely in Sheepfold Meadow.

All Activities at Middlesex Fells Reservation
Boating (non-motorized)
Canoeing and kayaking
Cross-country skiing
Educational programs
Horseback riding
Mountain biking

Facilities at Middlesex Fells Reservation
Athletic fields
Dog park
Observation tower
Picnic area
Visitors center