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Nebo Ridge

6300-7020 Dixie Rd SW

The Nebo Ridge Trail is located in the Hoosier National Forest, near Story in southern Indiana, Brown County. This dirt trail is approximately 8.6 miles in length and has many scenic views from ridgetop trail. It is also known as the Knobstone Trail but is not actually connected to the Knobstone, which is further south in Indiana. The trail is for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. Horse riders and mountain bikers are required to have a permit and stay on trails designated for that type of use. The north parking lot for this path Is Located just south of quaint Story, however Cliff Great House Road, one route suggested to arrive there, is a road that turns into a one-lane gravel then dirt road, then becomes impassable with mud and grass and deep ruts. It is recommended to take Elkinsville Road to arrive at the north parking lot of the Nebo Ridge trail. There is also a southern parking lot that is very accessible and well-marked on the road between Houston and Maumee, Indiana. The Nebo Ridge path is very woodsy with lots of wildlife and wildflowers. Many birds can be heard including woodpeckers. There are many small streams near the trail, and one small lake. This area has a high population of rattlesnakes, thus high top leather boots are recommended as well as using caution around rocks and logs. Step on and off a log rather than over it. If you see a rattlesnake, back away. Rattlesnakes are protected by law and may not be harmed or collected. Also, use caution during deer hunting season. Blaze orange clothing is recommended (do not wear white).