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Osage Prairie Trail

Old Midland Valley Rail Bed

The Osage Prairie Trail is a rails to trails project. In 2006 the trail was extended from downtown Tulsa, near the OSU campus, to the city limits at 56th Street North, continuing through Sperry and ending at Highway 20 in Skiatook. A future expansion will extend the trail to Birch Lake in Osage County. It is a 10' wide paved trail, including 8 pedestrian bridges, one of which was a renovated historical highway bridge. Parking is available at the OSU campus, Sperry and Skiatook.

The area of particular interest to birders stretches from Sperry to 76 Street North. The trails passes through a variety of woodland and grassland habitats. About half way between 86 St. N. and Main street in Sperry (98 St. N.) is a wetlands area where American Bittern have been found.

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