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Pleasant Mountain

From Portland, follow Rte. 302 west to Bridgton and continue on Rte. 302 for roughly 5 miles.

The mountain, located in Bridgton and Denmark, is southern Maine’s tallest at 2,006 feet. LELT conserves 1,500 acres of land on the eastern slopes and manages the ten mile trail network. The trails are maintained with the help of volunteers, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and the private landowners who have signed trail agreements with LELT. The Nature Conservancy protects 1,400 acres on the western slopes through a conservation easement with a private landowner. The Maine Forest Service owns 20 acres at the main summit. The mountain hosts rare plants and grasses, as well as unique forest communities. The Trails The ten mile trail network offers a variety of moderately challenging day hikes. Before beginning your hike know your route, bring water, food and extra clothing, and tell someone where you are going. Many rescues are performed each year due to hikers who venture out unprepared. Bald Peak Trail — 2.2 miles; 1,900 foot elevation gain. Blue trail blazing. Park along Mountain Rd., 1 mile from Rte. 302. Sue’s Way — 0.5 miles; 500 foot elevation gain. Orange blazing. Access via Bald Peak Trail or North Ridge Trail. North Ridge Trail — 0.8 miles; 200 foot elevation gain. White blazing. Access via Bald Peak Trail or Sue’s Way. Ledges Trail — 1.8 miles; 1,600 foot elevation gain. Blue trail blazing. Parking area adjacent to fire lane 54, 3 miles from Rte. 302. Fire Warden’s Trail — 2.3 miles; 1,500 foot elevation gain. Red trail blazing. Parking area on Wilton Warren Rd. This trail is used by snowmobiles in the winter. Southwest Ridge Trail — 2.7 miles; 1,800 foot elevation gain. Yellow trail blazing, with rock cairns. Accessible from Denmark Rd.

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