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Potomac Heritage Trail and C&O Canal Towpath

The Fort Circle Parks, the remains of Civil War fortifications that once ringed Washington, D.C., provide an extraordinary view of our Nation's capital. Some fortifications are managed as community parkland, others are remembered through historic sites and interpretive markers. South of the Anacostia River, parks include Fort Stanton, Fort Dupont and Fort Davis to create several hundred acres of parks and open space. They and other sites are connected by a trail through mature woods of poplar and oak that make it easy to forget you're walking through a major city. This trail, partially complete, is recognized as a segment of the Potomac Heritage Trail in the District of Columbia. Planners in District agencies and the National Park Service have completed a "general management plan" for the Fort Circle Parks that includes development of a continuous route for hiking to connect many of the Civil War fortifications. A draft of the plan includes a new bridge over the Anacostia River, providing direct access to Kenilworth Gardens. Regardless of specific alignments, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in completing this likely urban component of the Potomac Heritage Trail (PHT).

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