As local communities continue to update Covid-19 regulations, local state parks, ranges and preserves, as well as many stores may be closed. Please visit official websites for the latest information.

Rend Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area

10885 E. Jefferson Rd

Total Acres: 12,690   Acres of Water: 4,000

Huntable Acres: 7,690   Acres of Timber: 1,700

Open, Cultivated or Fallow Acres: 3,900

This area consists of bottomland hardwoods, upland ag fields, and surrounding land including 3,000 acres of impounded water in the sub-impoundments managed primarily for waterfowl. Food is produced both by tenant farming, site staff farming, and moist-soil production. Five thousand posted acres are managed as a waterfowl refuge. All areas are open to fishing most of the year with the refuge area being closed during waterfowl use periods.


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