Runyon Canyon Trail

1854 North Fuller Avenue

Hiking Routes 1. Runyon Canyon – Route A Hiking in Runyon Canyon Route A is what hiking in Runyon Canyon is all about; fun, relaxing, beautiful and everything you need to unwind and enjoy a day in the park. Route A is best known for it’s lax off-leash policy, soft incline and beautiful view. Runyon Canyon’s Route A is one of the last real-life social networks left in the city, canine and owner alike. Paired with a free yoga session, Route A is exactly what the doctor ordered after a hard day at work and the perfect way to start a weekend. 2. Runyon Canyon – Route B Hiking in Runyon Canyon Route B is a fun, friendly and challenging hike up the dusty hills of Runyon Canyon – not only is it a great workout but it’s a great way to see the city of Los Angeles. See Runyon Canyon like you’ve never seen it before, Route B is AMAZING! Route B offers the best view of the world-famous Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory in the distance. The view of downtown Los Angeles from Route B is stunning and simply unbeatable; Route B is more than a hiking trail…it’s life-changing. 3. Runyon Canyon – Route C Hiking in Runyon Canyon Route C is not for the feint of heart nor is it a game, this route is naturally designed by tough folks to challenge themselves and challenge other champions that choose to follow in their footsteps. Runyon Canyon’s Route C is for the highest training level users and visitors to the park. This route is perfect for intense cardiovascular and cross training. Stack on muscle and power in a hurry while burning serious calories in the meantime. Route C is the hardest route in Runyon Canyon and will hurt your body if not prepared. Not only does it offer the best workout but also the best view 360 degree view of the city of Los Angeles – on a clear day you can see from downtown to the oceans and beyond.