Stewart State Forest

Featured Activities


Be sure to visit the new Great Swamp boardwalk and trail on the island. The new boardwalk connects the east and west sides of the Great Swamp and makes some nice hiking loops possible.


Stewart State Forest features seven larger ponds and many smaller ones for fishing. The deepest are 6-acre Whalenburgh Pond, 3-acre Wilkens Pond, and 2-acre Rowes Pond. The smaller ponds offer warm water fishing for bass, sunfish, shiner, bullhead and perch, with a larger selection at Tenny's, including eel, carp, crappie and pickerel. New York State fishing regulations apply. Electric or non-motorized vessels only.

Hunting & Trapping

Stewart State Forest is one of the most popular hunting destinations in the state. Each year, thousands of sportsmen and women flock to Stewart to take advantage of its diverse habitats and abundant game populations. White-tailed deer and ringnecked pheasants are the most commonly pursued game species at Stewart. However, the area also provides high-quality turkey, waterfowl, rabbit, squirrel, and furbearer hunting.


Camping is only allowed by permit in specially designated group camping areas. Required camping permits are issued by Forest Rangers: (845) 256-3026. The permit must be obtained prior to set-up. Camping is prohibited from the first day of the early bowhunting season in the Southern Zone to the last day of the late muzzleloading and bowhunting season in the Southern Zone.

Horseback Riding

Horses are allowed on all public roads and trails except the Orchard Trail, Beaver Pond Trail, Rock Wall Trail and the boardwalk over Great Swamp. Proof of current negative Coggins certificate is required for all horses and out-of-state horse owners are required to produce a 30-day health certificate.


Snowmobiles are only permitted on trails designated and marked by the department as a "Snowmobile Trail" and only when the trail is completely covered with snow and/or ice; and on frozen lakes and ponds when access to same may be gained by public highways lawfully designated for snowmobile use, or by trails designated and marked by the department as a "Snowmobile Trail".

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is allowed on designated trails and multiple use trails.

Watchable Wildlife

Stewart State Forest is a New York State Watchable Wildlife site and is a one-of-a-kind place for animals needing transitional habitats - birds and butterflies that love grasslands and bushes, turtles and snakes that love open sandy fields, and frogs and salamanders that love small wetlands surrounded by woods and fields.