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Turkey Mountain Red Trail

68th and Elwood

Turkey Mountain is a hidden place. Considering that the main trailhead is only 7 miles from downtown Tulsa, one would expect such a place to be crowded with users. However, first-time visitors are often surprised to find that one can run/bike for miles without seeing another soul – a testament to the many trails at Turkey Mountain. Crowded with roots and rocks, blessed with views of the Arkansas River, and basically untouched by humanity in general, Turkey Mountain is a treasure to all Tulsans. For persons considering visiting Turkey Mountain, a few FYI’s: it’s not what you would expect. When most think of Oklahoma, they think of flat land, few trees, and lots of red dirt. Turkey Mountain has the opposite. Steep hillsides combine with thick vegetation to make trapsing through the woods difficult. Even on the trails, one occasionally must dodge tree limbs, jump rocks, and find ways around ponds and gullies. For runners, this means that Turkey Mountain is a great place for variety. Bikers will appreciate the technical aspects, although beginners may quickly learn that their skillset is going to need some improvement. Equestrians may need to stay away from some of the steeper, rockier sections. However, families with children will enjoy the shorter side trails that meander close to the parking lot.


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