Whittier Farms

1507 Blockville Watts Flats Road

About Us:

Four generations of Morses have owned or helped to operate the Whittier Farm since it was purchased by Kyle Morse in 1949.   The current owner, Wade Morse, returned to the farm in 1978 and has expanded it from the old "apple house" that some of you may remember, which is now our apple storage and late fall/winter sales room, to the present barn, a 100-year old renovated dairy barn.

Cider has been pressed on the farm since 1971 using a carefully formulated blend of the varieties of apples available each week.   Pasteurization was added to the process in 1997. Thousands of customers visit us each year to share the bounty, the color and the aromas of fall in Western NY.   We hope to see you soon.


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