Winter Lodge

3009 Middlefield Road

Winter Lodge is unique in that we are a purely recreational skating school. This means that students will be taught in a relaxed atmosphere and at a pace that is comfortable for the student.  This is how we believe children learn best.

Our professional instructors decide at what pace classes will progress and when skaters are ready to move up a level.  You will get a progress recommendation/evaluation form from the instructor on the last day of class. We strongly encourage lesson skaters to practice aside from their weekly lesson.  Skaters who regularly practice more than once a week, tend to enjoy the classes more and progress at a faster pace.  Please remember, it is not realistic to expect a skater to move up a level every session.  The focus should be to enjoy learning to skate!

If you are interested in pushing your student at a faster pace, or trying to move them up a level before they have mastered the required skills, then this is not the right skating school for your family.