10 Best Archery Outfitters in Michigan

10 Best Archery Outfitters in Michigan

Archery is a serious practice in Michigan. Whether it’s bow hunting or simply target practice, Michigan folk have a passion for the sport. But if your bow is in need of some repairs before the start of the season, or if you need to pick up some new gear, head to one of these excellent local archery outfitters in the state! 

1. Compounds and Crossbows, Lansing, MI

Compounds and Crossbows in Lansing is exactly what the label says it is—a place for compound bows and crossbows. PSE is its primary stock in trade, and it goes beyond that into other items, including those available by special order. It's not just about sales, either, as it's got a complete service department—free inspections and tune-ups for $34.99—along with a wide variety of parts and components to keep your archery gear in its prime condition.

PSE and Darton compound bows!

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2. Hunter's Shack Archery, Ossineke, MI

Northern Michigan knows plenty about archery, as demonstrated by a stop in Ossineke's Hunter's Shack Archery. Featuring several varieties of bows along with arrows in both pre-fletched and raw shaft, you'll be able to get in on most anything you need for archery or bow hunting. Plus, Hunter's Shack Archery offers a 20-yard indoor range and even a PGA golf simulator assuming you want to do something besides archery. That makes it about as full-service as it comes.

3. MJC Archery, Clinton Township and Royal Oak, MI

With locations in Clinton Township and Royal Oak, MJC Archery works to cover all the archery needs of the Southeast Lower Michigan area. Featuring not only a range of bows—compound, crossbow and traditional are all represented here—but also custom-built arrows, a range of additional supplies, league competition where you can match skill against a variety of other archers in the vicinity, you've got just about everything you could ask for here. There's even a 20-yard indoor range just to try out your hardware.

Shooting some spots at MJC Archery!

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4. Gauthier's Archery, Traverse City, MI

Gauthier's Archery in Traverse City is currently celebrating its 37th year of operation, which is something of a feat for most any retail store these days. With a wide array of bows, crossbows and arrows, you'll be able to find just what you need to get started or resupply your shooting aspirations. Two separate indoor ranges provide the means to test out your hardware, and there are even winter leagues to keep your skills sharp and private lessons where you need improvement.

5. Lost Nation Archery, Sturgis, MI

An unlikely archery supplier awaits you in Sturgis with Lost Nation Archery. Focused not on the very latest in shooting technology, but rather on “traditional archery,” Lost Nation Archery still stocks plenty of choices in shooting systems, but more on the old-fashioned longbow than the modern composites and the like. That's not to say there still won't be plenty of options, but the options are more commonly focused on the simpler material. You'll also find gear specifically for children, as well as a slate of books and DVDs about the craft.

6. Archery Unlimited, Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids' Archery Unlimited looks to live up to its name as much as possible, by offering not only a complete range of bows, but also arrows and other accessories. Whether it's arrows for hunting, arrows in carbon or aluminum, or any of a range of other options, you'll find all you could ask for right here. Best of all, Archery Unlimited is the only dealer of “Totally Titanium” broadheads around, making it worth a look for that reason alone.

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7. Straight Line Archery, Ishpeming, MI

It's no surprise that the Upper Peninsula has a fondness for archery, and that's demonstrated in Ishpeming's Straight Line Archery. It's recently moved into the old Miracle Lounge bowling alley, and in the process added several new options for users. A 28-target seasonal range, an indoor range, and a 3D range all combine to offer plenty of options for recreational shooting at any time of year, and throwing in the sheer range of options available in terms of purchase and after-sales service only improves things further.

8. Ed's Archery and Sporting Goods, Clio, MI

Ed's Archery in Clio provides a wide array of hardware options for its shoppers, not only in compound bows by also in crossbows. Crossbows are actually a pretty big part of Ed's Archery, as it's not only the home but one of the sponsors of the Michigan Crossbow Federation. Best of all, it also features not only indoor and outdoor ranges, but also a complete service facility to keep your hardware in prime condition.

9. Hale's True Value Hardware and Sporting Goods, Dowagiac, MI

Hale's not only offers the best in bows and arrows, but also services what it sells, and even boasts an indoor range with private lessons to help keep you in proper shooting shape. This classic hardware and sporting goods stores combination is unbeatable for top-quality gear! 

10. Bay Archery Sales, Essexville, MI

In Essexville—not far from Bay City—Bay Archery Sales looks to be one of the Bay Area's leaders in archery services. We already know there's plenty of competition up that way, so what separates Bay Archery? How about a staff of archery professionals, for one, including some directly involved in product development? How about a background of sales and service for tens of thousands of different bows? How about a product line ranging from bows to crossbows and most everything to keep both kept and fed? How about a complimentary packet of passes to local bow clubs with purchase and even a loaner bow when service is needed? That's a pretty telling line of services, and makes it clear that Bay Archery is ready to provide.

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