10 Best Archery Outfitters in Missouri

By Trent Jonas

10 Best Archery Outfitters in Missouri

From densely-forested preserves to indoor ranges with 3D targets, the sport of archery flourishes in Missouri. And every good archer knows that having the correct equipment is imperative. So, whether you need quivers and broadheads or a new bow and targets, these 10 excellent archery outfitters will give you exactly what you need. 

1. BB Archery Sales, Raytown, MO

Folks in the Kansas City area can find bows, arrows, tips, strings, sights, and all the other archery gear they need at BB Archery Sales. With more than 30 years in the business, BB Archery excels in helping archers get the right equipment and making sure it’s sized right. They also offer service and repairs.

2. Oak Grove Archery, Sullivan, MO

Oak Grove Archery is a family-run shop that carries just about anything archery. As one customer puts it, “Best bow shop in Missouri. No matter what you need to make an arrow fly, these guys have it.” The shop can also provide top-notch repair and service for your gear.

3. Bowfreaks Archery, Mt. Vernon, MO

The shop is called Bowfreaks—need we say more? A dealer for many top brands, including Hoyt and Mathews, Bowfreaks Archery is a full-service shop that carries all the gear you’ll need, and can fix or tune it, to boot. They also have a range on premises. 

4. The Bow Shop, House Springs, MO

The Bow Shop will not only sell you a bow and all the equipment you need to get started, they’ll teach you how to use it. The shop has an indoor range, as well as a video range. In addition to sales, they also service all compound bows and crossbows. The Bow Shop can even help you out with taxidermy.


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5. Outback Archery of Joplin, Joplin, MO

Outback Archery of Joplin is a dealer for Bowtech, along with many other top archery brands. They sell bows and all the accessories you’ll need to get out into the field or onto one of their ranges. They have an eight-lane indoor range, as well as a TechnoHunt system, that you can even rent out for events. 

6. Archery Excellence, Independence, MO

Archery Excellence has 40 lanes of archery range available for shooting. They also offer archery lessons for all levels, camps, and programs, as well as gear sales and rental. The Archery Excellence pro shop is fully-stocked with supplies and accessories and can help you with bow tuning, as well.

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7. Hideaway Archery, Carthage, MO

Hideaway Archery has come a long way. What began as the founder’s hobby has turned into a full-service archery shop that carries multiple top brands. The shop also has both indoor and outdoor ranges, can offer bow tuning and gear repair, and even help you with custom bow set ups.

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8. Lucas Archery, Moberly, MO

With more than a quarter century in the business, Lucas Archery knows what they’re doing. They carry top archery brands and offer individual lessons to archers of all skill levels. The shop also has one of the area’s largest indoor ranges, where they host fall and winter leagues.

9. Braveheart Archery, Kansas City, MO

Traditional archers in Missouri will appreciate the selection of bows, shafts, and broadheads at Braveheart Archery. In addition, the shop sells strings and accessories, including quivers arrow-making supplies for those who take the “traditional” part of traditional archery quite seriously.

10. James River Archery, Springfield, MO

James River Archery, located in Springfield, is a full-service archery shop that carries a complete line of bows, arrows, sights, strings, and other accessories. The shop also has an indoor archery practice range and offers repair and tuning for bows and other gear.

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