5 Awesome Campgrounds for Families in Texas

5 Awesome Campgrounds for Families in Texas

A family camping experience in Texas is unlike any other. The Lone Star State has no shortage of campgrounds geared toward families, with amenities to satisfy both children and parents alike. Pack up your sleeping bags, load up the RV, and get ready for a rustic adventure in nature with the family at these five awesome campgrounds in Texas! 

1. Dinosaur Valley State Park

OK, if ever there were a place that has “kid-friendly” stamped all over it in neon letters somewhere around three stories tall, it's a place called Dinosaur Valley State Park. Not far from Glen Rose, Dinosaur Valley State Park offers, as one might expect, a whole lot of dinosaur fun. In fact, visitors can actually see the tracks left behind by these ancient critters in the Paluxy River. Naturally, the standards are also in place, including hiking, mountain biking, fishing and swimming, so it's not just a dinosaur hunt.

2. Pace Bend Park

Dubbed one of the most family-friendly camping locations around by Texas Children in Nature, Pace Bend Park near Spicewood will deliver opportunities for enjoyment on several fronts. Not only will there be a slate of rocky features—including limestone cliffs that are spectacular at sunset—but also, Pace Bend Park's sheer proximity to Lake Travis ensures that the standard lineup of water activities will also be in play. Throw in rock climbing, mountain biking, and a plethora of sports fields, and everyone is going to enjoy this trip. 

3. Splashway Waterpark & Campground, Sheridan, TX

The Splashway theme park in Sheridan offers a complete range of camping options. Whether it's straight-up tent camping or an RV park, it really doesn't matter—you'll be able to camp like it’s nobody's business! The fact that it's located immediately next to a water park with all the water slides you could ever ask for only makes this more exciting. Seriously, you should see some of these slides! 

4. Port Aransas Beach, Port Aransas, TX

Did someone say camping at the beach? One of the most notable beaches around is the Port Aransas city beach. Offering a wide array of activities—ranging from Frisbee to volleyball and beyond—as well as campfires up to three feet by three feet, this spot is quite the campsite. With easy access to various amenities in Port Aransas proper, it's easy to get set up just right. 

5. Lake Mineral Wells State Park

For one of the richer experiences in North Texas, check out Lake Mineral Wells State Park, near Mineral Wells. Like the name suggests, rocks play a big part of this area, so rock climbing is certainly on the menu. Throw in a huge 646-acre lake and it ensures that a good day of swimming will always be on hand. Throw in bike trails, woods, fishing opportunities, horse trails, and an amphitheater for cultural presentations, and the range is substantial. Oh, and there's a fair chance the place is haunted, filled with lost treasure, or both.