5 Beautiful Scenic Hikes in Arkansas

By Kerrie Johnston

5 Beautiful Scenic Hikes in Arkansas


In Arkansas, scenic landscapes are abundant. You’ll find beautiful hiking spots just about anywhere that your feet touch the ground here in the Natural State. So, get out your walkin’ sticks and hiking boots while you check out our picks for five of the most beautifully scenic spots to hike in the Natural State.

1. Indian Rockhouse Trail

This moderately traveled scenic hike is a 3.5-mile looped trail near Yellville, Arkansas. The Indian Rockhouse Trail features a waterfall, stream, and winds itself across the beautiful Arkansas landscape and hills. Open year-round, this self-guided hike offers a variety of activity options, including the Indian Rock House Cave which used to shelter prehistoric Native Americans.

2. Big Bluff and The Goat Trail

This six-mile round-trip trail offers beautiful views of the Buffalo National River as well as a geologic experience like no other. Just like its name implies, at 550-feet tall, Big Bluff is BIG! So big, in fact, that it is the tallest sheer bluff face between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains. Hikers should exercise extreme caution while experiencing this scenic hike, as it can be hazardous in certain areas. 

3. North Rim Trail

The popular looped North Rim Trail is located in the beautiful Mount Magazine State Park near Paris, Arkansas. This trail follows the north rim of Mount Magazine (hence the name) to where it reaches Cameron Bluff Overlook Drive. Accessible year-round, North Rim Trail features fantastic wild flowers and is a great spot for bird watching. 

4. Eagle Rock Loop Trail

The Eagle Rock Loop Trail is a 26-mile scenic hike located near Caddo Gap, Arkansas, in the beautiful Ouachita National Forest. This lightly-trafficked loop trail, the longest in Arkansas, is only recommended for the very experienced adventurer. Eagle Rock Loop Trail is probably the best location in Arkansas for a multi-day backpacking trek.

5. Hemmed-In Hollow Trail

Best traveled from March to October, this six-mile out and back trail on the Buffalo National River features the breathtaking, single-drop Hemmed-In Hollow Waterfall. The strenuous Hemmed-In Hollow Trail is much better suited for experienced hikers rather than for children or folks who tire easily. All hikers are urged to bring water and a snack as they embark on this 4-5-hour hiking adventure.

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