5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Utah

5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Utah

If tearing up the trails on a dirt bike is your idea of fun, Utah is your paradise. From sand dunes sprawling across thousands of acres to twisting and turning paths, nothing quite compares to what Utah has to offer. Here are five awesome trails to explore on a dirt bike in the state. 

1. Little Sahara Sand Dunes, Nephi, UT

Utah is home to a range of awe-inspiring landscapes, though most people wouldn’t expect to find Sahara-like sand dunes in the middle of the Rocky Mountain State. At the Little Sahara Sand Dunes, you can do pretty much anything that involves running around in the sand, but dirt biking is hands down, one of the area’s top activities. And although the Little Sahara Sand Dunes don’t technically count as a singular dirt biking trail, the possibilities at the dunes are nearly infinite. Not only can you increase your speed, but you can try jumps off small hills without feeling as scared about your landing. Of course, you should still take all possible safety precautions. This area is so diverse that you could probably spend a full week exploring it. It is, after all, 60,000 acres of large, free-moving sand dunes with miles of changing dirt motorcycle trails. 

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2. Slickrock Trail, Moab, UT

Suitable for all types of biking, Slickrock Trail is truly a biker’s paradise. Established in 1969, the trail is one of Utah’s oldest. In fact, dirt bikers travel far to try this trail, which is arguably unlike any other trail on earth. Where else can you find a red-rock trail with unbelievable traction and scenery? Not far from the famous Southern Utah Moab town, the trail is a 10.6-mile loop on Navajo sandstone (slick rock) that gives riders wondrous views of the Colorado River. The trail is definitely a challenging one. 

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3. Jordan River OHV State Recreation Area, Salt Lake City, UT

A playground for dirt bikers and other off-roading enthusiast alike, the Jordan River OHV State Recreation Area is a must-visit. In the area, riders will find that all of the tracks are marked with signs to guide you along, and there are tracks available for all skill levels. The East and West tracks are designated for experienced riders, the Vet track is for intermediate-level riders, and there is a Beginner track for entry-level only riders. You can purchase passes in bulk or year-long passes so you can come back again and again. 

4. St. George Motoproving Ground, St. George, UT

Situated on 20 acres, this St. George motocross track has something for every dirt biker. Riders will find over a mile of elevation changes, rhythm sections, whoops, and tabletops, according to their official website. The track is suitable for all levels of skill, with opportunity for beginners but still some challenges for those intermediate and professional-level riders. There’s even a concession stand on site, Café MX, for when you’ve worked up an appetite and want to grab a bite! 

5. Bunker Hill Motocross Park, Delta, UT

Serving as a pillar of the dirt biking community in Utah for over 25 years, Bunker Hill Motocross Park is cherished among all levels of riders. Dirt bikers will find an elevation of over 4,500 feet, regularly-scheduled races, and plenty of practice opportunity. Whether you’re there to tear up the dirt yourself or you just want to check out a local race, Bunker Hill is a great place to escape for the day.