5 Energizing Hikes in Arkansas

5 Energizing Hikes in Arkansas

From the Ouachita Mountains to the Ozarks, there’s plenty of magnificent, rustic terrain to be explored in Arkansas. These moderate trails will get your heart pumping and take you through a variety of incredible landscapes. Here are five energizing hikes to enjoy in the state. 

1. Pedestal Rocks Loop Trail

If you’re looking for a hike with scenic views of the ancient geology of the Arkansas Ozarks, then the Pedestal Rocks Loop Trail is the one for you. This trail gets its name from the amazing limestone columns scattered throughout the area. As well as numerous shelters and caves, these columns have been formed from natural weathering and look like large pedestals. Prepare to spend at least 2-3 hours as you hike the roughly 2.5-mile Pedestal Rocks Loop Trail.

2. Lake Fayetteville Trail

This moderate Northwest Arkansas trail is one of the most popular in the state. The natural Lake Fayetteville Trail is 6.9 miles of soft surface, while the paved multi-use trail is 5.5 miles. Because this is a multi-use trail, hikers should expect to share the ground with bikers, runners, and walkers. The plant and wildlife views on the Lake Fayetteville Trail are so exhilarating that you’ll want to bring your camera to capture the memories.

3. Sunset Trail

Covering more than 10 miles, the Sunset Trail is the longest trail in Hot Springs National Park. So long, in fact, that most visitors break up this scenic hike into three sections. You’ll experience a variety of terrain on the Sunset Trail as it crosses through the park’s remote areas as well as its highest point of elevation. As if this trail wasn’t energizing enough on its own, there are also two beautiful spurs for you to explore: Balanced Rock Trail and Fordyce Peaks Trail.

4. Eagle Rock Loop

Located near Caddo Gap, Montgomery County’s Eagle Rock Loop is an energizing hike that is almost 30 miles-long. Eagle Rock Loop is actually made up of three smaller trails: the Athens-Big Fork, Little Missouri, and Viles Branch Trails. Experienced adventurers love the beauty of the Ouachita sights that can be seen from this trail. Caution should be taken when hiking Eagle Rock Loop at spots where it crosses the Little Missouri River, as flash-flooding can make water levels extremely dangerous.

5. Seven Hollows Trail

Set aside at least four hours to hike Seven Hollows Trail in the beautiful Petit Jean State Park. This energizing trail takes hikers on a scenic journey through a system of small caverns as it passes through a forest of hardwoods. Seven Hollows Trail is 4.5 miles in length and also features a breathtaking waterfall.