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8 Helpful Camping Products for Keeping Cool in Late Summer

Beat that August heat. 

By Trent Jonas

8 Helpful Camping Products for Keeping Cool in Late Summer
Photograph Courtesy of Buff, Inc.

Summer is the most popular time to camp. But as much as we love the warm weather, being too hot for too long can put a damper on the good times. Between innovative hydration tools that will bring you fresh water wherever you go and refreshing portable air conditioners, there's a lot of hot weather camping gear to get excited about. Here are a few of our favorite products for keeping cool on a hot camping trip.  

Goal Zero Switch 10 Multi-Tool Solar Kit

Photography Courtesy of Goal Zero

The Goal Zero Switch 10 Multi-Tool Solar Kit is a solar-charging power solution that you can use to charge your phone, camera, or anything else that’s powered via USB. The multi-tool doubles as a flashlight and, importantly on those summertime camping trips, powers a fan tool to help you stay cool.

MSR Zoic 2 Tent

Photograph Courtesy of MSR

If you want to stay cool and comfortable while backpacking the backcountry, MSR’s Zoic 2 tent is for you. The tent’s full micro mesh canopy offers great breathability, moisture control, and bug protection. For a two-person tent, the Zoic 2 is quite big with a wide-open floor plan. On top of that, the tent is extraordinarily lightweight, so it’s easy to just pack it up and go! 

Buff Pack Trek Cap

Photograph Courtesy of Buff, Inc.

You can keep the sun off your head and face and protect yourself from sunburn with the Pack Trek Cap from Buff. The cap is completely foldable, ready to be rolled up and stuffed in your pack or pocket for when you need it. It’s made from breathable, ultralight fabric that also offers 40+ UPF sun protection. The cap’s absorptive, low-profile sweatband wicks moisture away from your head, which creates a cooling effect on long days in the sun.

Zero Breeze Air Conditioner with Smart Battery

Photograph Courtesy of Zero Breeze

For those who are serious about being cool while camping, the Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner is the product for you. The Zero Breeze is exactly what it sounds like: A rechargeable, portable air conditioning unit that uses a compressor, just like a standard AC unit, to cool the air in a tent or camper. This wonder of a product will keep your group cool all throughout your trip.   

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Photograph Courtesy of LifeStraw

Staying hydrated on hot summer days is important, but what happens if you’re off on a hike and run out of water? The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter allows you to turn any naturally-occurring source of water, like a lake, stream, or river, into a safe-to drink source of hydration. Whenever you set out with a water bottle, toss your LifeStraw into your daypack to ensure you stay hydrated.

ENO DoubleNest Hammock + Insect Shield

Photograph Courtesy of ENO

Slinging a hammock between a couple of trees and staying out of the sun is a great way to keep cool around the campsite. For even more protection, the ENO DoubleNest Hammock + Insect Shield is an optimal option. The fabric is soft, breathable, and dries quickly. If you decide to go for a swim while camping, don't worry about hopping in your hammock while you're still wet. Hot weather will also invite bugs looking to bite. The ENO Double Nest Hammock's Insect Shield technology provides a safe and effective insect repellent to protect from those pests. 

Treva 10-inch Camping Fan with Lights

Photograph Courtesy of Treva

A tent or un-air-conditioned camper can heat up pretty quickly in the summer sun and stay hot on long, muggy nights. Use Treva's portable camping fan to stir up the air and cool down inside your shelter. The fan comes with a light that can be used at three levels: high, low, and night light. The base of the fan is very stable, making it ideal for setting up on uneven outdoor surfaces. 

Lunatec Aquabot Comet

Photograph Courtesy of Lunatec

We all know that hydration is crucial at all times but it’s especially important when you’re outdoors in the sun and heat because your body needs it to stay cool. The Lunatec Aquabot Comet is a 1000 mL (or one-liter) water bottle that will definitely help keep you hydrated. But it can also spray water—in shower, stream, or mist patterns—to clean off, stay cool, and have fun. Don’t forget to drink some on occasion.

Due to the escalation of the coronavirus outbreak, local destinations for outdoor recreation may be closed. Please visit official websites for more information.

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